Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here, there, everywhere

Sitting on the couch at 2 am watching Doug while my husband sits on my couch keeping my feet warm and illustrating a childrens book.... I was looking through my photos on my phone and they may mediocre at best but alas here they are anyway photo

Photo1 taken sun it's Kate Thomas letting me brush up on my "updoe" speed slash ability

Photo 2 & 3 were taken today in American Falls, Idaho. we decided to drive there on my day off today... Boring to most but for bryndon and I? Perfect. We totally enjoy a drive with scenery we have never taken time to appreciate and tiny homes with unique architecture and vintage signage everywhere. A splendid day off.

Photo 4 is what I am looking at RIGHT now/

Photo 5 & 6 & 7 the cupcakes were the gift I put together for everyone that helped with the wedding. Photo 6 & 7 was the drive taking them around to said Helpers of wedding. So here's a little rant - I was surprised and disappointed at the lack of friends that stepped up to help with my wedding after I have bent over backwards helping So many of my close friends putting on practically their entire weddings. So to those who did step up wanting to help make my day special I wanted to show them how much I appreciated them. Katelyn Thomas did soo much to help along with my aunt Kathy and a few of my moms good friends.

Photo 8 was a fabulous sign from our drive today

Photo 9 & 10 babysitting my sisters kids for a few days... so naturally Halloween ghosts and tennis were in order... Coley being coley found it appropriate to weAr a leotard skirt combo since she didn't own a tennis dress. You can't help but love it. I know.

Photo 11 is from our drive today. If you can't tell what it is I will help you.. ...Spooky.. Thats what.

That's the end to my sharing and ranting for the day. P. S. I have 50 French vocal words under my belt thanks to a fab phone app and working on the next 50.


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